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Since I can not bring myself to watch the second part of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, I thought I’d work on Chapter 21 of FTLOJ. I soon became distracted (as always when I write a scene between L&D) I can not figure out why I suck at writing their scenes in particular. It’s almost as if I have a “block” of some kind.

I popped in Shackleton, but got angry watching his scenes with his mistress, so turned it off.

I then went over to the Masterpiece Theatre website to see what was on tap for the coming season. Horror of Horrors: Emily Bronte AND Charles Dickens! Now what am I supposed to do with my time for the next four months?!?!?

The obvious answer would be to write more. And I will be. I’ve already started my novel. More on that when I get to a point when I feel like discussing it. I also have a notion I want to write a screenplay. I think I want to have a go at an adaptation first and see if I can get any takers. I’ve read all about the procedure and what I must do legally before I approach producers and such, so I am forearmed.

Trollope gets almost no love, so I’m thinking about tackling one of his books, like, perhaps, The Small House at Allington (which, I am sure, only I have read) It’s a convoluted sort of story with a ridiculous ending… which seems to carry forward into several of his other Barchester books.  I can change the ending to suit myself as changing bits and endings does not seem to faze the likes of Emma Thompson or Andrew Davies.  If, miracles of miracles, I get my screenplay made, I hope my Dwiggies friends don’t end up attacking me.  🙂


8 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. I’ve actually read The Small House at Allington! My daughter gave it to me because of a certain similarity to Sense and Sensibility. Very interesting novel. While not Austen, it kept me completely engaged although I definitely wanted to bump off a few characters.

  2. Oh yes, bumping off characters seems an appropriate course. I did like the book well enough even though I grumbled through most of it. Reading Austen definitely makes you impatient with the Victorians (or is it just me?).

    I have had my eye out on the Barchester Chronicles DVD for a while now. I can never find a reason to justify it’s purchase since I haven’t read Anthony Trollope all that much (now, Joanna Trollope, that’s another story). I’d like to read the other books before I see the film so I can criticize with impunity, but it would be a GREAT undertaking since there are something like five or six books in the series.

  3. I, too, have read and enjoyed Small House at Allington. (If I hadn’t been sick in bed I might not have had the patience I needed to get through it, but after that I was hooked on Trollope.) I wouldn’t recommend the DVDs without reading the Barchester Chronicles first. They are as slow in action as the books and only a Trollope lover would enjoy them. The Warden and its sequel are Trollope’s most accessible books in my opinion.

  4. That’s makes three of us who’ve read it. I have slogged through the Paliister DVDs (thanks to Netflix) but they really don’t count, even though some of the characters do carry over.

    And speaking of heavy Victorian tomes that you need patience (of a saint) to get through: Middlemarch. Forget being sick in bed, I would have to be in a partial coma and strapped down in order for me to read that monstrosity. I tried a couple of times, but it is hopeless. I have new respect for Andrew Davies for even daring to tackle it… twice.

  5. Took me three attempts to get through Middlemarch. Turned out that I had to be married before I could appreciate it–then I couldn’t put it down!

  6. *Lydia Snort* Unless you have psychic abilities you have never shared with us, the chances of that happening are slim to non-existent. If you do have psychic abilities, I much rather have you give me a series of numbers for the lottery!

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