Resistance is futile?

I have this irresistible urge to write Harry Potter fan fiction.

I will try my best not to succumb.

Read Beetle the Bard?  That would be: no.


3 thoughts on “Resistance is futile?

  1. Hmmm…. I find that it is sometimes best to give over to the dark side. No one is saying you have to post the finished product (though I’d like to have a nosy at it, hehe) but if you keep ignoring it, it will just get louder and louder in your head. Trust me, get it out of your system, so that you can get back to marrying Jane off to Lawrence Fitzwilliam and his two adorable kids.

  2. Funny, I did start a HPFF story years ago (about the Bill Weasley and his exploits working for Gringotts) but I stopped writing it to concentrate on JAFF (one obsession at a time 😉 ) Unfortunately, it’s on my old computer which has no internet connectivity and no USB capabilities which leaves me almost no way to retrieve it.

    I did take a peak at a HPFF site to see what sort of stories are popular there, and there seems to be this disturbing trend to pair Hermione up with…. wait for it… wait for it… Draco Malfoy. In the JAFF world that it the equivalent of letting Wickham make off with Georgiana after all. UGH! Let’s just say, it turned me off the entire thing for now.

  3. ugh…Hermione and Malfoy. What are they thinking? I guess they’re going for the oddest pairing possible, and if so well then they’ve achieved their goals.

    I think a Bill Weasley story sounds heavenly! So many ‘what if’ possibilities. Do let me know if you decide to tackle it.

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