I think I am going to have a coronary!


Totally see him as Lawrence Fitzwilliam.


7 thoughts on “I think I am going to have a coronary!

  1. I think I see him as my next husband, lol! You’re right though, he’d make a fabulous Viscount Fitzwilliam (or is his title different, I can’t remember). Hopefully once that picture’s done searing your eyeballs, it will give you some inspiration for our dear Jane B to end up with a title. Yes, I’m revealing my preference for Lawrence and the kids to win Jane. Post soon ,please.

  2. And what makes him so wonderful and attractive is that he is with his same wife and is raising his kids and just seems so decent and real.

    I love him!

  3. that is Viscount Lawrence Fitzwilliam???? (pushes Jane Bennet aside) me, Me, ME, MEEE, MEEEEEEEE!!! (throws Bingley into a cellar….)

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