Rediscovering a favorite fan fic

It’s no secret, I adore Jane Austen Fan Fiction and happily defend it from all detractors.  Jane Austen fan fic authors as a whole are an amazingly talented bunch, and nothing delights me more than re-reading a fan fic I haven’t read in years and remembering just why I loved it so much in the first place.

Over in my side bar, I’ve listed some of my absolute favorite fics under the heading “Keeps me From Writing”.  And they do!  Sometimes I click on one… usually a really long one, and spend half a day doing nothing but reading it… when I should be writing!

In the last week or so I have added:  All Good Things by Xenia.  I had forgotten all about this one.  This was one of the very first fan fics I read.  It’s nearly ten years old and fabulous.  The reason I mention it now is that I want you to read (or reread it) it too (if you haven’t ever or lately)

Fair warning though, if you are one of those people who can not abide the thought of Elizabeth Bennet choosing someone else over Darcy (those are always the ones I like to especially read) then you should avoid it at all costs.  But, I like it because it is so outrageous:  Colonel Dashwood falling in love with Lizzy, Georgiana eloping, AGAIN!, a destitute Lydia turning up at her sister’s door, Kitty marrying rational man!  Read it and let me know what you think!!  And you Darcy lovers just might get a kick out of it anyway!