Hurrah! Foyle’s War returns to PBS tonight!

V. excited as it’s my favorite of the PBS Mystery series (along with Inspector Lynley which is a very close second)

And get this, I’ve made much progress on “Jane 20” today.  Unfortunately, it will have to stop while Mr. Foyle pays a visit to my drawing room this evening.  But, let me just say that the Bennet drawing room is a very uncomfortable place at the moment with four (single) gentleman callers all wishing for the attentions of the same woman.

Hmmm?  I wonder how many “Austen actors” will turn up on tonight’s episode?  In a few weeks we can expect to see our old friends Mrs Bates and Miss Kitty Bennet.


2 thoughts on “Hurrah! Foyle’s War returns to PBS tonight!

  1. But now Foyle’s War is over… and so will Lynley be too. I hope the Mystery has something good coming alone as replacements!

  2. I love Lynley, too! And I agree, we need something new, wonderful, and fabulous. No more Jericho or Inspector Morse wannabes (*cough*Inspector Lewis*cough*)

    BTW: Just went to the PBS Mystery website and downloaded a schedule. Guess who I “met” there? Honeysuckle Weeks. It looks like we get see her on Mystery for a bit longer.

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