Now I’ve gone an done it

I’ve pretty much committed the rest of my life to writing more about Jane.  I was so pleased with myself for finishing the outline, that I’ve gone and started the sequel.  I never meant to do it, not now, since I haven’t even finished the first story.  But it is all so clear in my head right now that I felt it necessary to get some of it down on paper (or in this case, in the word processor), before I forget.

The plan is this (and I should really know better than to “plan” anything) the day I post the last of chapter of FTLOJ, I will put a link to the sequel at the end of it.  This way, I can write both stories simultaneously and not have my readers contemplating what will happen after all is said and done in the first story.

Like I said, that is the plan.  These characters have occupied my head long enough and I am sure Jane Bennet is ready for me to stop meddling in her affairs.

Besides, Elizabeth Elliot and Captain Frederick Tilney would very much like for me to continue with the development of their own love affair… which has been languishing on my hard drive for at least five years now.  Does anyone even remember my P/NA story, Persuading Elizabeth?  I think not!

BTW:  Curious little thing going on in my head right now:  I just bought the Cranford DVDs and now have the actor playing Dr. Harrison, Simon Woods, swimming all around in my head.  As you know, he played Mr. Bingley in the latest P&P film, which, I always thought did him no justice.  It was not his fault whatsoever.  He was given a horrible script to work with (IMO) and played Mr. Bingley as an utter buffoon.  It’s funny, Dr. Harrison seems so very Bingleyish in Cranford that I have wondered, several times, if Sue Birtwistle cast him on purpose and made the role Bingleyish on purpose.  Perhaps she too was disgusted with the way the Bingley role was written in the film and wanted others to see that Simon Woods wasn’t an actual idiot.

Hmmm?  Makes sense to me!


6 thoughts on “Now I’ve gone an done it

  1. Ever since I watched Cranford, it has been bugging me as to where else I saw Simon Woods. Thanks for enlightening me–I adored him as Dr. Harrison, and I agree. He is Bingley at his best in Cranford.

  2. Of course, I remember Persuading Elizabeth. I’ll be glad to see its return when you finish FTLOJ.

  3. The key word in your sentence being WHEN – and that goes for all of the stories. 🙂

  4. I’d have to go back and check IMDB, but I think Simon Woods also played the adult Octavian/Augustus in the BBC/HBO miniseries Rome??

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