Revisiting the past

For those who don’t know, I wrote the Anne de Bourgh Trilogy a long, long time ago. And since I now post my new stories as PDF’s, I have never had time to convert the old ones. Well, today, I worked on the third installment: Anne de Bourgh’s Wedding. It’s the shortest of the three and it was therefore very easy to convert quickly.

The first story: Anne de Bourgh’s Diary & the second story: Anne de Bourgh’s Guide to Life (notice the title change) will take a lot longer. They are both swimming in type-o’s and inconsistencies and I would never convert them in the condition that they are currently in. They also require a good deal of rewriting (rewriting which I have been working on for over five years).

I am still surprised after all these years that I actually wrote these stories. I was much less cautious back in those days and they more or less flew off my fingertips. And now that I’m working on For the Love of Jane, I keep getting blocked. I wonder why that is? Also, it seemed that I actually had a sense of humor back then. I originally wrote the stories for my own amusement, but others seemed to like them as well.

I keep saying I’m going to rewrite the entire thing as one long novel and try to sell it, but I haven’t got the time or the energy. One day when I stop changing jobs and have more time to myself… Yeah, I don’t believe that either.


4 thoughts on “Revisiting the past

  1. you seriously gotta get this thing published! the trilogy i mean. it’s so hilariously awkwardly funny! the characters are so well defined, with their little idiosyncrasies and crazy attitudes. and i love the plot and the pace, and the way you merge Austen with everyday life as we know it. o n i love when other random Austen characters pop in on the story. always entertaining!
    you’ve got a great gift for this sort of writing!

    • What a nice thing to say. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really do need to sit down and decide how I mean to go on with this writing thing.

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