OMG! I think I have writers block

Even though Chapter 19 has over 8000 words and is comprised of 18 typewritten pages, I cannot make it make sense.

I keep picking at it and picking at it and picking at it… and picking at it…

I’m lost right now and cannot find my way back.


6 thoughts on “OMG! I think I have writers block

  1. Hmm. Perhaps we should send Darcy, Bingley or Colonel Fitzwilliam out to look for you?

    Mind, that could prove to be a bigger distraction than getting lost…

  2. I hope that you get past your block as I think you’re a fantastic writer. But it sounds like you’ve had some recent change in your life and sometimes that can really stifle the creativity. I know it does for me, or in my case, in addition to the stress, I think I keep revising my very last chapter out of some weird, morbid desire to keep it to myself. Strange, I know.

    But, I hope you overcome it soon and if not, we’ll certainly wait for you. So, don’t worry on that score. We’re hooked, so not going anywhere.

  3. J: Send Darcy. He’s the only one in my story who isn’t acting crazy right now! 😉

    P: Yes, v. stressed (plus I start my new job tomorrow and I’m freaked). I know about that last chapter thing. It’s not strange – we all do it and it’s hard to let go sometimes.

  4. Darcy it is. 🙂 *sends the dashing-not-at-all-wishy-washy man your way* (I’ve been perusing the message board of the DWG ever since I started following those links on your blog)

    Oh yeah, don’t get scared, it’s still me Jules… I just decided to register a name and jubelle is just a weird amalgamation of Jules and LallaBelle(a username i use very very often).

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