It’s a new day and a new blog…

You deserve a little FTLOJ treat. However, I want to caution you all – don’t read more into this casual scene then there is; all will be revealed.

Kitty, from her usual post by the window, saw them both leading their horses up the drive. Jane was in full beauty, glowing excessively from her long ride and the colonel to Kitty’s eyes could not have looked more handsome. They both suddenly stopped to face each other. The colonel lifted his hand and began to remove something from Jane’s hair. Jane lifted hers also and by doing so touched the colonel’s hand with her own. It was only for a the briefest of moments, but to Kitty there was something very intimate in the way they both behaved to one another, almost as if they had reached an understanding. She paled and thought she would faint. She knew at that exact moment that the colonel would never be hers.

Elizabeth looked Kitty’s way, hoping to try to engage her in a little trivial conversation. When she noticed Kitty pallid countenance, she asked, skightly alarmed, “Kitty, my love, what ever can be the matter?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.” But Kitty, having always been a little peevish, could not bear to be so observed and bursting into tears she fled the room. Elizabeth and Mary each looked at each other and ran to the window to see what had made Kitty so upset. There was Jane and Colonel Fitzwilliam simply standing in the drive, merely talking. Nothing about it seemed out of the ordinary but both sisters knew Kitty well enough to know that she would take something as a conversation between her favourite and any other as something more than it was.

“Well,” said Mary, being practical as ever, “I hope this will teach Kitty to not be so quick to set her cap at anyone, especially a redcoat.


9 thoughts on “It’s a new day and a new blog…

  1. Looks interesting. That Kitty!

    I’m glad you changed blogs. I already have too many “free” memberships on the Internet, I didn’t want to join Vox just to comment.

    Feel free to post the next chapter anytime! 😀

  2. Yes, I get that a lot – VOX doesn’t make it very easy.

    I’m working on my next post as we speak… although it’s well past midnight and I should have been in bed hours ago.

  3. That was a lovely little taste and now I would like for you to return posthaste to the salt mines and get the balance of FTLOJ posted. PLEASE!! Your writing is so magnificent and this is such a wonderful story that I can’t wait to read it in its entirety. Plus, I need to know which one of the bachelors from Mystery Date, Jane picks.LOL

  4. Thanks for the lovely compliments, but I am a sloooowww writer – always have been. Not the ideal thing for fan-fic, I know, but I always depend upon the kindness of my readers.

    The next chapter is coming along. I’ll try to get posted within the next two weeks.

  5. I still remember reading the Anne de Bourgh trilogy on the old Elegant Extracts and getting drawn right into the little world it was, being able to picture what the characters/homes/and other such looked like (at least in my mind… though i dare say since watching the new PP movie they all look like the actors in that…** ).

    Though a little bad as I seem to get so drawn into the little world that I completely lose track of time.

    Which is what happened when I finally stumbled across the new site and saw FTOJ… and ended up staying up until 3am and managing to read up to Chapter 14.

    …so after that longwinded little speech I just wanted to say what a fantastic story you have on your hands and I can’t wait to read more.

    **The exception being that in FTOJ, Bingley (in my mind) is a manifestation of his 1995 counterpart…

  6. Thank you for your kind words! But a word of caution – I write very slowly and have yet to finish Chapter 19. I am glad you are enjoying it, though.

    Yes, that’s the Bingley I have in my mind when I write. This “new” Bingley isn’t the right type of Bingley for me. “He is so very clownish; so totally without air.”

  7. I can wait… well… I hope I can.

    *nods* Whereas 1995!Bingley has a certain look about him, in that he looks like he could be a bit of jerk (well I couldn’t think of a better word and bastard seemed far too strong) but also a nice guy…

    if that makes any sense at all

  8. I was watching the extras on the P&P special edition (for the first time last week) and it struck me how soft-spoken and well-mannered Crispin Bonham-Carter actually is. Especially with so much “negative” Bingley fan-fiction of late (I have no right to talk) and a lot of ff readers are in an Anti-Bingley mood right now.

    He tells a funny story how he thought Susannah Harker must have thought what rotten luck she had on having to act opposite him. I think he did an excellent job with Bingley and I rather think Ms. Harker knew how fortunate she was.

  9. Ooh. I’ll have to go watch that now. I’ve had the P&P special edition for a while now, but didn’t get round to watching any special features. (Yet I’ve watched the ones on the 2005 film a couple times now… heh)

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